Our Favorite Christmas Snacks!

We have listed a few of our all time favorite and go-to Christmas snacks that you can enjoy too! Find them on our Build-A-Box tab
With the weather getting colder, these make for the perfect drink after christmas gift shopping or just cozying up on the couch! You can buy these in our Build-A-Box or individually on our website here!
Are you stressing about what you should put in the stockings? Well these chocolate covered mints make for a great stocking stuffer. The rich taste of dark chocolate and the cool fresh flavor of peppermint all in one. Find them here!
Hosting your annual Christmas party? These delicious bite sized chocolate treats make for the perfect table decoration. M&M's are great for every age and everyone loves them! Find them on our website here!
Everyone loves to snack on peeps, why wait till Easter to do that? Now you can enjoy them with a glass of hot cocoa on the side! Buy them individually or put them in your own box!
Do you love pranks? Well these are perfect for you! Include these in your stocking stuffers to make everyone think you got them coal! It will give everyone a huge laugh! You can find them here!