Ten Halloween Treats for 2022!

Halloween is quickly approaching and snacks, candy, and all kinds of treats are hitting the shelves this season! We're here to show you ten of our favorite treats included in our Halloween Care Package and where they can be purchased if a few just isn't enough for you.

If you want a variety of Halloween snacks and candy, check out our Halloween Care Package with 75 different items! You'll find something for everyone in our snack box!

Kellogg's Halloween Rice Krispie Treats - 60 Count

We include three Halloween Rice Krispie Treats in our Halloween Care Package but if it's not enough for you, you can grab a 60 on amazon for under $30! These rice krispies are snack size and come in monster packaging. Perfect for school lunches or trick-or-treat alternatives. 

UTZ Halloween Cheese Balls - 60 Count

We include two packs of Halloween Cheese Balls in each of our Halloween Care Packages! If that's not enough to satisfy your craving, head over to amazon to buy 60 individual bags of these tasty cheese balls! They come in orange and purple bags, perfect for Halloween!

UTZ Halloween Pretzels - 70 Count

We include two bags of these pretzels in each of our Halloween Care Packages! The pretzels come in Halloween shapes - Bats, Pumpkins, and more - and the packaging is either black or orange! A fun Halloween themed snack for trick or treat, school parties, or social functions! If two isn't enough for you, head over to amazon to grab 70 bags!

Halloween Veggie Chips - 12 Count

We include one bag of Halloween Veggie Chips in each of our Halloween Care Packages! This healthy snack option come in the shape of bats and ghosts and is a great alternative to candy and other unhealthy snacks for trick-or-treat. If one isn't enough, 12 bags of these Halloween Veggie Chips can be found on amazon for under $25. 

Halloween Monster Mash Fruit Snacks - 28 Count

Get four packs of these fun monster themed fruit snacks in our Halloween Care Package or grab a pack of 28 on Amazon for just under $25. These fruit snacks come in snack sized packaging and are shaped like various monsters. They're great for trick-or-treat or just a fun snack to have throughout October. 

Halloween Reese's Pumpkins - 9.6 oz bag (roughly 16 pieces)

It's the time of year when Reese's shapes are back in season! You'll receive 2 Reese's Pumpkins (and one Reese's Ghost) in one of our Halloween Care Packages. If that's not enough, and if you're like our owner it won't be, head over to Amazon to grab this bag of roughly 16!

Halloween Sour Punch Straws - 90 Count

We include 4 Halloween colored Sour Punch Straws in our Halloween Care Package. If that's not enough sour for you, check out this 90-Count bag of Sour punch straws on Amazon for $10. These straws come individually wrapped so it's perfect for when you just want one, and come in fun Halloween colors - green, purple, and orange - different from the usual red, orange, and blue found year round.

Ghoulish Green Halloween Snickers, Twix and M&M Variety Pack - 110 Count

Wanna try these new ghoulish green candies from Mars? You'll receive one of each in our Halloween Care Package to see the green filling for yourself! If you want more green candy to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can grab a bag of 110 piece on Amazon to share with all your friends and family - or to give out on Halloween night for a unique and fun treat!

Witch's Brew Halloween Kit Kats - 9.8 oz bag (approximately 20 pieces)

Try this Marshmallow Creme filled Kit Kat in one of our Halloween Care Packages or order a whole bag for yourself on Amazon. These Kit Kats come in duos so you get the gimme a break experience and are coated in a green candy coating with a marshmallow creme center. A fun and unique twist on the traditional Kit Kat and perfect for all the marshmallow lovers out there.

Halloween Zombie Sour Patch Kids - 180 Count

We'll include one of these Sour Patch Kids for you to try in our Halloween Care Package! Another fun treat for the sour candy lover! If one isn't enough, grab a bag of 80 on Amazon to fill your trick-or-treat bowls with or to snack on all month long!

Limited Edition Halloween Care Package - 75 Count

If you want to find a variety of all these treats and more, shop our Halloween Care Package with 75 snacks, candies, and treats!