Top 10 Snacks in 2022

We put together a list of ten of our favorite snacks during this year. Try them in any of our special snack boxes or order them yourselves for a delicious treat! 
10. Candy
Who doesn't love to just snack on something sweet at any point in the day? These are perfect for a little snack before lunch or even as a dessert after dinner. Candy can be perfect for a yummy quick snack.
9. Popcorn
Popcorn is perfect for movie nights spent in the comfort of your own home. It even works for a daytime or latenight snack ;) Our favorite popcorn, if we had to pick one, would be Smartfood Popcorn. The white cheddar one of course. Find them in our Cheese Lover Box or buy them for yourself here.
8. Cookies
Oreos offer so many flavors and kinds! They are perfect paired with a glass of milk for dessert, or just a quick snack on the go. Try them in our Cookie Lover Box here
When you are running late for class, work, or you have somewhere to be, these treats are perfect! Rice Krispies are just the perfect amount of sweet and filling. They come in different flavors to satisfy your tastebuds. Find them in our Ultimate 50 Pack Snack Box here
Who doesn't love a fun snack. Fruit By The Foot offers a fruit flavored tasty snack when you aren't craving anything super sweet. These also offer multiple flavors to pick from. Try them in our College Snack Box!
5. Ramen 
 Ramen is such an easy meal to prepare. If you live in a dorm room or you need something quick to eat, Ramen is the way to go! It is perfect on a cold day, or when you are feeling under the weather. Try them in our College Snack Box here
Out of all the snacks, these are the healthiest. These are great for a quick breakfast snack when you are on the go! Try them in our Breakfast Lover Box!
These are perfect for anyone who is on the gluten free side. It can be tough finding a snack that doesn't include gluten. We offer many different types of snacks without gluten! You can try them in our Gluten Free Snack Pack!
Everyone loves a good pouch of fruit snacks. Not everyone has time to cut up different types of fruit, but fruit snacks give you that same feeling for way cheaper and less time consuming. Get them in our Value 50-Count Snack Box!
1. Cheez-It
Our top favorite snack this year has been Cheez-It. These are amazing when you need something to get you through a long day. They offer a few different flavors to satisfy any of your cravings. Try them on Amazon or here.